As a market research firm, Dialogs is constantly gathering personal information on its survey respondents. Dialogs is committed to protecting this information, as well as any other types of personal information in its possession.

More specifically, company policy dictates that Dialogs:

  • Identify itself at the beginning of each interview or survey and inform each respondent that the data being gathered will be treated confidentially and will be used solely for the purposes of the ongoing study.
  • Respect the respondent’s prerogative to refuse to answer any given question(s).
  • Limit the gathering of confidential information to that which is necessary to meet study objectives.
  • Not divulge to a third party any personal information gathered within the context of a survey (telephone, Web, mail, or face-to-face), focus group, interview, or other type of study. Before survey data are transmitted to a third party, all personal information that could be used to identify a respondent is deleted. The only circumstances under which personal information may be given to a third party is when the respondent has been informed of this possibility and has given his consent, or when the firm is obligated under the law to provide such information (e.g. court summons).
  • Group the respondent’s responses with those of other respondents in such a way that, upon consulting the data, the identification of any individual in particular would be impossible.
  • Use security measures, such as the assignment of passwords to electronic files, the shredding of confidential papers by a firm specializing in document security and the restriction of access to certain areas of our offices, to limit access to confidential data.
  • Dispose of all reasonable means necessary so as to ensure that all regularly consulted data are as up-to-date as possible.
  • Delete access to confidential data when they are no longer of use.

Dialogs adheres to the stipulations of the federal government’s Privacy Act. Its requirements can be viewed online at http://laws.justice.gc.ca or a copy of the act and related information can be obtained by calling 613-957-4222.